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Consciousness - Time to wake up!

Probably for as long as humans have been able to grasp the concept of consciousness, they have sought to understand the phenomenon. Not an easy concept to define, consciousness has been described as the state of being awake and aware of what is happening around you, and of having a sense of self.


Consciousness may also be explained with help of Albert Einstein's Quantum Theory.

Quantum theory is a statistical theory: it deals with probabilities. If a particle is in box,

and we don’t know where, but we do know that every possible location is equally likely, then we can imagine dividing the box into a huge number of little cubes of equal size, and assigning an equal probability to each one. If more information becomes available then the probabilities assigned to the various little cubes might be changed.

For each such little cube we might also have probabilistic information about the velocity that the particle would have, if it were in that little cube.

To represent this further information, we could imagine diagram little six-dimensional regions in position-and-velocity space and assigning a probability to each one.

This collection of probabilities would define a “probability distribution” for the particle: it would specify, for each of these little regions in position-and velocity space, a probability for the “particle and its velocity” to be in that little region.

This probability distribution would, in general, change with the passage of time.

Because of double- slit experiment it´s possible to demonstrate how the Quantum Theory works.


Scientists asked the questions: what is materiel? Electrons or waves? and waves of what? And what an observer has to do with any of this? The observer collapsed the waves functions simply by observing. The electron act differently, like it was aware it is being watched. Do electrons, small particles, having a consciousness and can "decide" on which part they want to appear?


Is that evidence that consciousness is something that is existing beyond the physical body, even beyond space and time? Albert Einstein also said: "Consciousness is the base of the universe." Did he know that Consciousness is beyond everything - beyond matter, space and time?

In Yoga Philosophy it is said we are having three bodies: One physical, body, one Astral Body and one Causal Body. Also, we are having five layers around our True Self, our Soul (Atman) The first one is Annamaya kosha (food sheath) which presents our physical body, it´s the subject to growth, decay and death. Second one is Pranamaya kosha (vital sheath), which visualizes our physical and pranic body. Next is Manomaya kosha (mental sheath) which is functioning as a messenger between each of the bodies to communicate experience. The next layer is Vijnanamaya kosha (intellect sheath), this is the knower or doer, which is organizing all the bodies. It's the subtler aspect of the mind also called buddhi (intellect). By these three sheaths the Astral body is formed. Anandamaya kosha (blissful sheath) is the most subtle layer and perfects the bliss of the soul. That is sheat represents the causal body. Purusha (Pure Consciousness) is the observer of all three bodies and staying in all of them. Through Meditation we can go into deeper states of consciousness. Until one reaches the ultimate sphere of awareness all the five koshas are entangled with Prakriti.

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