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Yoga for physically emotional wellbeing and Work life stress management.

Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms. Are you someone that suffers from back pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps and are looking for a way to relieve your pain? Do you also want to work on your flexibility, strength, posture and get in a better shape? It is also possible to treat heart disease through yoga, including high blood pressure and excess weight. Do you want a long relief from all of these problems?

As our body is interlinked with our mind and spirit it will help you also in overcoming emotional trauma, depression, anxiety or even a broken heart. Yoga can assist you to look on the greener side of the situation. It helps you to align your heart with your mind, make you a calmer person and help you find a state of perfect harmony. It also changes how you deal with your daily life problems like work-stress no more mind-juggling learn the art of balance Work hits like a tornado, and you’re still left to manage life at home. With today’s ever-increasing demands, it’s no surprise most struggle to keep their heads above water, work life balance, conflicts in relationships. One' loneliness is also reduced even during one-on-one sessions since one is acknowledged as an individual, listened to, and participated in the development of a unique yoga plan and provides you with a fresher perspective in life.

It is a holistic approach to treat the person as a complete being on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional. In Yoga therapy we see the person as a spiritual being embodied in a physical body.

The body systems must be defined and understood deeply followed by the treatment, only then any suffering from the body can be eliminated, otherwise we are only focused on treating the symptoms, while missing the core of what the body needs.

Many other forms of therapeutic care only see the individual from a partial and superficial perspective, thereby not resolving the deeper issue. However, the cause of suffering may lay much deeper than on the physical surface or what the symptoms appear to show. Through Yoga Therapy we treat the whole person - including problems of the mind, body, and the emotions.

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